About us

Changing Relations was originally founded by Lisa Davis in 2013 who managed the One Billion Rising events in Durham which took place in February 2013 & 2014 which aimed challenge the prevalence of violence against women.

Lisa is currently the Managing Director of the company alongside Director of Operations and freelance artist Polly Turner who joined the company in 2014 and Creative Director Alys North who joined us in 2016. Find out more about us.

We are an arts education company and believe that using the arts as a platform provides us with a great set of tools to engage audiences, challenge thinking, provoke empathy and communicate important social messages – using these creative methods to produce projects and performances and training/educational workshops for young people and adults including Schools, Health Professionals and Housing Associations.

We believe in making the artistic experience as immersive and multi – sensory as possible, collaborating with a wide range of professional and emerging artists including actors, dancers, poets, writers, clowns, film makers and visual artists to generate projects with and for community participants – giving a voice to those who need it most.

As well as presenting our work to a public audience we aim to seek audiences strategically in our mission for social transformation – as an arts education organisation we additionally produce material and resources for schools and organisations relevant to individual projects – boycotting the ‘talking at’ and lecture approach that many take to training and using the arts to create interactive, immersive and impactful workshops that engage people on a personal level.

While we are a proudly feminist, that does not mean we only examine gender issues or only work with women – We aim to explore a rainbow of socially relevant themes relating to boys & girls, men & women that can help us move towards a more equal society and help us build healthier & safer relationships.

We are committed to practicing what we preach – the path we (as directors) take and all who work with and for us, must aim to reflect the values that we promote within our work.