The Company


As a Company Limited by Guarantee, our day-to-day activities are managed by a team of Directors with a range of skills, experiences and responsibilities. Our 3 Company Directors are listed here.

Management Board

To enhance the transparency of our operations and ensure that the strategic direction of our activities is in line with the needs and wants of our beneficiaries and service users, we have recently established a Management Board who will meet 3 times a year. The Management Board will be comprised of our 3 Company Directors and up to 6 additional members who will be drawn from a range of relevant sectors and whose role it will be to represent the interests of our beneficiaries and service users. Members of our Management Board are listed here.

Work With Us

As an arts education company that uses the arts & creative methods as the basis of our training & educational resources – we work with a range organisations including schools in empowering and thought-provoking ways to deliver impactful products and services. For individuals and Artists opportunities with Changing Relations tend to be freelance and dependent on the grant-funded status of our Current Projects. We are, however, always interested to hear of those who are keen to join our growing pool of practitioners. If you are wondering if this is you, click here.