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Make Do and Mend

Over 90% of health & housing professionals who trialled our training reported a new understanding of Domestic Abuse & would recommend it to others.

The purpose of the training & resource is to raise awareness in school, community, workplace & service provider settings of Domestic Abuse, the breadth of its manifestations & the signs someone you know might be a victim, as represented by the 3 different women featured within our film, who each experienced different dimensions of Domestic Abuse.

We also aim to effect an improved response to victims, founded in empathy & understanding & as a result, more likely to give victim-survivors the confidence to open up & take steps towards recovery. As a company, we use the arts to achieve our social objectives as we believe that this way, we can reach the heart as well as the mind, engaging people in the stories & perspectives of others, a crucial foundation of an empathetic response. This is why we created the film Make Do and Mend & why we are keen to take it far & wide.

“Our front-line staff and domestic violence workplace champions had the opportunity to experience the performance ‘Make do and mend’ which was followed by a drama-based workshop. They were able to experience first-hand the real life stories of County Durham women who have suffered and survived the trauma of domestic abuse.   We are really keen that our staff really understand domestic abuse and the barriers faced when disclosing and seeking help.

This was a new innovative way to help our staff understand all kinds of domestic abuse, specifically emotional and psychological abuse. It was both visual and very engaging and the feedback from staff was really positive. By using real life stories staff found the play powerful and found they learned a lot from the session which stayed with staff in a way that a simple powerpoint presentation would have done.  I would whole heartedly recommend the insightful training!”.

Kelly Henderson, Business Manager (Domestic Abuse), Gentoo

“Make Do and Mend had a profound emotional impact on me when I watched the screening of it. Combined with this informational resource, it makes for a vitally important project which as many people as possible – both professionals and members of the public – need to see, in order to gain a better understanding of domestic abuse and the terrible consequences that it has in all of our communities. The thing that affected me most about Make Do and Mend is that it elevates the voices of women who are survivors; it is them who are teaching us how domestic abuse works, and how it can be stopped. This makes the project incredibly politically powerful – because it is survivors that are leading the way in changing society, to end domestic abuse.” 

Stephen Burrell, Doctoral Researcher, Durham University Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse

‘I suffered from Domestic Abuse 26 years ago, which made the play even more powerful for me. It portrayed experiences so close to my own, in such an impactful way, that it left a lasting impression on me – one so strong that I joined the Board of Changing Relations to contribute to making those changes!’

Kate Jeffels, Business Consultant

If you are a professional organisation and would like to express your interest in booking our new Domestic Abuse Signs & Support Training Workshop using Make do and Mend, we would love to hear from you. Contact  Lisa Davis or Polly Turner here: or