Men’s Voices Project

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Audiences of our Arts Council funded play Make Do and Mend –  sharing women’s Domestic Abuse stories asked; Why men do it & called for men’s side of story.

Men’s Voices is a research and development project bringing together emerging & experienced practitioners from varied disciplines to deliver creative arts workshops with diverse groups of marginalised men & boys, gathering testimonies exploring experiences & bringing them together in story-sharing, performing, creative writing & visual arts processes to explore contemporary narratives of masculinity.

We will create original artistic exploration of masculinity, why violence shapes narrative (most male homicide perpetrators = men) & impact on wellbeing (suicide biggest killer of North East men<45); to empower men to question destructive norms & explore healthier patterns, using art to reach young men at identity-forming time.

The outcomes will be presented in a public exhibition, performance & panel discussion in Empty Shop during Durham Book Festival – 7-15th October 2017; showcasing the work collaboratively produced by artists & participants, with combined arts workshops & generating a school resource offered to extend engagement in our artistic outcomes.

For more information about this project please contact Managing Director & Project Co ordinator