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The challenge of changing gender norms

Here at Changing Relations, we’ve spent a lot of the past 3 months of the Covid19 pandemic talking about domestic abuse. It was clear from the get-go that the lockdown measures would be like holding a magnifying glass over an abusive relationship. Less apparent from the start of this unfamiliar situation, in which, suddenly, many…

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Recruiting freelance trainers!

Arts education & training company Changing Relations C.I.C. is growing! We are building a team of freelance trainers who can deliver our bespoke professional training, initially focusing on domestic abuse, but in time, encompassing additional themes under our overarching focus of gender equality, gender norms and healthy relationships. Our training package will be delivered to a range of professionals…

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Director's Blog: Changing how we talk about Domestic Violence

We’re so pleased to see The Pool supporting the fantastically important We Level Up campaign calling for responsible, respectful reporting of Domestic Homicide. We’ve long been infuriated by the implications of disbelief when the media focus on how many people thought a Domestic Abuse perpetrator was wonderful. Our film – Make Do and Mend– features the…

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