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Domestic Abuse & your Role.

A training workshop aimed at professionals organisations.

Changing Relations C.I.C. is an arts based education & training company that uses the arts & creative methods as the foundation of our training & educational resources – aiming to empower communities to achieve social transformation by developing and delivering a range of projects that stem from values in promoting gender equality and healthy relationships.  

We have worked with a range organisations including, health professionals, housing officers and family law experts in empowering and thought-provoking ways to deliver impactful products and services.

As part of our tour and re shaping of our play Make Do and Mend in 2016, we worked alongside Gentoo in Sunderland to create an accompanying training session and drama based workshop with support from Northumbria University’s Mental Health Nurses Association and Ben Hoare Bell Solicitors. We have already successfully trialled the performance  – together with a drama-based workshop – as a training tool for health professionals and housing officers  – and we have just received additional funding from Big lottery Awards for All to create a film version of Make Do and Mend and develop printed resource packs to support the different groups and organisations receiving the session.

Our friendly experienced facilitators will support and encourage your group to reflect on their individual practice through a range of participatory and drama based activities.

Our film and 2 hour practical workshop has great potential to offer an insight into Domestic Abuse, including:

  1.  What Domestic abuse is,:

– The breadth of its manifestations, recognising that it is not just physical abuse, but can also be financial, emotional, psychological and sexual;

–  The signs to look out for that a relationship may be unhealthy;

–  Guidance on the new law that recognises controlling and coercive behaviour as offences in their own right including threatening violence, intimidation & stalking.

2. Address the many and complex reasons why victim’s don’t leave abusive relationships and the impact on their lives long term

3. Offer practical advice on how to better support a DA victim and their family – exploring the role a helping professional can play.

If you are a professional organisation and would like to express your interest in booking our new Domestic Abuse Sign and Support workshop based on the play Make do and Mend, we would love to hear from you. Contact Company Director Lisa Davis or Polly Turner Director of Operations here:

For any general questions or to seek further information please contact us via our enquiry form here.