Teacher Training on Sexting Risks & Relationship & Sex Education

         Teacher Training on Sexting Risks & Relationship & Sex Education

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[ Includes FREE resource pack with linked DVD]

Changing Relations has created a practical and active training session based on our film & educational resource – What Would You Do? –  relevant to classroom practice, to provide teachers and other educational providers with resources, teaching strategies and confidence to support students’ learning about Sexting Risks and healthy Relationship and Sex Education.

The learning resources are based around an original film produced together with a professional filmmaker and young people at Ferryhill Business & Enterprise College. The film, What Would You Do? depicts a scenario in a realistic & relatable way that reflects how today’s youngsters see such experiences unravelling. This is useful when combined with the educational resource pack because it allows educators to support the young people in questioning attitudes, assumptions & behaviours they may have been unconsciously & uncritically adopting, with the aim of moving them towards safer, healthier patterns.

The practical workshop session explores:

  • The Risks & Consequences associated with sending intimate personal images;

  • The Laws surrounding Sex & Sexting;

  • Who to go to for Advice if you find yourself in difficulties relating to personal relationships;

  • Trust & what makes a good friend;

  • Sexism & the double standards applied to girls’ & boys’ sexual behaviour;

  • Self-esteem & what are healthy things to base our confidence.

By the end of our training session you will:

  • Be familiar with our film (What Would You Do?) & RSE Sexting resource pack & the key take-home messages;

  • Understand and have tried out a range of teaching strategies and activities for delivering RSE content introduced in our resource pack, including discussion methodology Philosophy 4 Children;

  • Reflect throughout and identify problems that may surface along the way;

  • Create a plan of how to use our pack in your context, whether you have 10 minutes available in tutor time, plan an assembly, or can devote a series of lessons to it in your own existing RSE programme.

Book Now – We can come to you!
We will come and deliver our practical workshop training in your school during 2 x 2 hour sessions, we can deliver to your whole team or a group of staff selected by you (we can also deliver the session to a group of pupil peer educators.)

The cost of the session – £500

Included – 2 x 2 hour training workshop sessions with staff

Both hard and digital copies of the DVD and printed resource book to keep (additional copies of the book are available on request)

Want something different? – Come to us…

Book a place for yourself or a designated member of staff to attend our Sexting Risks and RSE Cluster Teacher Training Event – next event tbc Autumn Term 2017.

This is a half day session and additionally, gives teachers the opportunity to discuss your ideas and share with other schools and teachers in your area – staff can then share their new learning with peers back at school.

The cost of the session £150 per teacher (discounts available for multiple bookings from the same school)

Included – half day training workshop sessions with group of local teachers/staff from other schools

Both hard and digital copies of the DVD and printed resource book to keep (additional copies of the book are available on request)