Domestic abuse awareness: Recognise, understand, respond

This was a new innovative way to help our staff understand all kinds of domestic abuse, specifically emotional and psychological abuse…the session stayed with our staff in a way that a simple PowerPoint presentation would not have done.’ Kelly Henderson, Business Manager (Domestic Abuse), Gentoo Housing Association

The purpose of the training and resources that Changing Relations can provide on this subject is to help communities, workplaces, and service providers  recognise and understand domestic abuse and respond effectively to  those affected. Using our powerful film Make Do and Mend and creative and interactive training methods creates increased empathy  that is more likely to result in an improved response to victims, and in turn to encourage victims and survivors to seek support and take steps towards recovery.

Over 90% of health and housing professionals who trialled our training reported a new understanding of domestic abuse and would recommend it to others.

Resources linked to this training offer include:

  • Our powerful and original short film, Make Do and Mend
  • An informational resource book
  • A set of 4 informational posters
  • A before and after report of staff awareness levels

Watch the trailer for the film:

Make Do and Mend – Professional Training Trailer from Changing Relations on Vimeo.

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Sexting risks

A very detailed pack which outlines every session succinctly with resources, facts and extra resources / facts / knowledge. I like that it gives advice on how to answer things.’

The purpose of our educational resource What Would You Do? is to provide engaging arts and discussion-based teaching strategies and confidence to support young people’s learning about sexting risks, healthy relationships and a range of related topics, from sexism to self-esteem, trust and advice. Teachers and other education providers can purchase our resource pack and linked DVD in isolation. We can also provide a range of practical and active training options, from a 1-hour taster session to a ¾-day overview of the key learning addressed within our pack.

We have delivered this training to a range of schools across the North East, multiple cohorts of PGCE students at Newcastle University as well as to Girlguiding leaders.

86% of teachers felt we’d given them new strategies to use in their classroom practice.

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